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Apple iPad review: The only tablet that matters, now better than ever

It almost feels like weve been here before. Apple launched a new product with almost the exact same exterior look and feel as the previous model, and almost all of the upgrades are buried deep within the device. Why cant Apple make a brand new game-changing form factor every year?! Steve Jobs was the best (even though the people who say this now used to talk shit about him all the time on forums and in blog comments when he was Quelle: BGR… [weiterlesen]

Apple touches record high as iPad 3 sales run hot

16.03.2012 01:41, Reuter-News – News >>Media
SYDNEY/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apples new iPad proved to be another hot-seller on Friday, with hundreds queuing before dawn in Sydney to be the first to get their hands on the 4G-ready tablet computer as the companys share price hit $600 for the first time. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Should You Pick AT&T Or Verizon For Your New iPad? (AAPL, T, VZ)

13.03.2012 15:14, businessinsider

The countrys two largest wireless carriers, Verizon and AT&T, will sell Apples new 4G LTE-powered tablet starting March 16.
LTE is the wireless technology that provides data speeds that can be 10 times as fast as the 3G connection youre used to. At times, weve seen LTE speeds on both AT&T and Verizon that were much, much faster than that.
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Patent Peace In Our Time For Apple And Google?

07.03.2012 20:53, Home Page
By Dana Blankenhorn: Even before its big iPad3 announcement, Apple (AAPL) is up $3 on news it may be willing to make peace with Googles Android OEMs. The potential deal, first revealed by Dow Jones, would add about $15 to the cost of an Android device, on top of the $15 presently being paid for Microsoft (MSFT) patent claims. It would also eliminate the legal troubles Apple Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Ahead Of Today’s Apple News, Samsung Files Yet Another Suit In Korea Over iPad 2, iPhone 4S

07.03.2012 12:17, TechCrunch
Just hours before Apple is due to unveil what many think will be a new version of its best-selling iPad tablet, Samsung has tried to steal a little thunder by filing a lawsuit against the Cupertino company over patent violations in the newest models that Apple has on the market as of this morning, the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. The suit was filed in Samsungs home market of Korea.

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The iPad HD Sucks*

07.03.2012 05:50, TechCrunch
*I havent actually seen it yet. Im not actually sure what features it will have. IIm quite sure Im a jackass for saying so right now. But hey — FIRST!!!!

There was a time not too long ago when the day before an Apple event was the time for everyone to get their last-minute predictions in. For the most part, it was a moment of pure wonder. These days, it seems its the time to pre-reflect on what Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

REVEALED: The Real Name Of The Next iPad (AAPL)

06.03.2012 14:20, businessinsider

One more piece of the puzzle falls into place before tomorrows big reveal from Apple.
According to reports on CNET and VentureBeat, the next iPad will be called the iPad HD. Until now, everyone was calling it the iPad 3.
The HD refers to the super sharp screen on the iPad. Its also going to be a part of Apples marketing push.
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The TRUTH About The Impact Of Big Product Announcements On Apple Shares (AAPL)

29.02.2012 21:20, businessinsider

Shares of Apple have been surging like crazy lately, and the stock seems to have gotten some extra juice lately since the company all-but confirmed the unveiling of the iPad 3 on March 7.
Now obviously, the string of big hit products has been key to Apples long-term run, but what if you just want to trade around the big unveilings?
Weve looked at the way the stock behaves before and Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

UPDATE 1-Apple, Google, Amazon, smartphone makers sign privacy accord

23.02.2012 03:47, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Technology
* Privacy disclosures required before consumers download
apps mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Proview Isn’t To Blame For Pulled iPads: Amazon Is Not An Authorized Reseller, Even In China

15.02.2012 22:50, TechCrunch
Its cold comfort to folks in China who want to pick up an iPad on, but some digging has led us to discover that Amazon was never an authorized iPad retailer and, as such, should have taken down all the iPads on its site long before the Proview/Apple lawsuits popped up on the tech radar. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]


13.02.12 | 16:08 Uhr

PBS announced that the first hour of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE ?Clinton? will premiere exclusively on the free PBS apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch beginning today, Monday, February 13, one week before its broadcast on Presidents? Day, Monday, February 20, and Tuesday, February 21. This hour will also be available for free download on iTunes for one week before broadcast. Quelle: ad-hoc… [weiterlesen]

iWallet: Neue Gerüchte zu NFC im iPhone 5

Nachtrag: Gerüchte um NFC-Technologie im kommenden iPhone gibt es schon seit einiger Zeit, und wenige Zweifeln inzwischen an einer Integration der Nahfeld-Technologie, die vor allem für mobile Bezahlsysteme nützlich sein wird. /> Nun gibt es erneut zwei Meldungen rund um NFC im iPhone 5: /> Einerseits brachte Seth Weintraub von 9to5Mac in Erfahrung, dass Apples iOS Entwickler sich derzeit “sehr stark Quelle: iPhone News.Org… [weiterlesen]

Google Books Reveals How Words Have Changed In Popularity Over Time

25.01.2012 14:19, businessinsider

Googles nGram Viewer is an amazing tool that lets users search word frequencies over the history of publishing.
The folks at Zerohedge turned us onto the cool widget after tweeting about a bizarre spike in the early 1940s for iphone (some digging reveals this was caused by a surge in sales for the Edison Companys Ediphone dictation device).
The tool searches Googles collection Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Steve Jobs Freaked Out A Month Before First iPhone Was Released And Demanded A New Screen

22.01.2012 19:55, businessinsider

Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher of the New York Times have written an excellent article about why Apple makes iPhones and iPads in China instead of the United States.
One of the key points is this:
Chinese factories are far more nimble than American factories.
The story Duhigg and Bradsher used to illustrate this will only add to the iPhone lore.
Just over a month before the Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]