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Unlocking an iPhone with the factory IMEI unlock will allow that phone
to work on a carrier other than the official carrier given in a certain
country. is now selling these factory unlocks. They
are the best way to break an iPhone lock, but they will also increase
the retail value of an iPhone. Quelle: ad-hoc… [weiterlesen]

Amazon: Smartphone Coming?

09.04.2012 22:52, News
Is Amazon getting ready to launch a smartphone? Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White asserted in a research note this morning that he thinks the company in fact will start selling its own phone later this year, and that it could prove to be ?more sophisticated than many smartphones on the market.? He adds that … mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Research In Motion is dead

I saw from the inside and outside how RIM transformed the mobile landscape, and how the company even battled its own inner demons throughout the years. Here are my thoughts on the companys worst quarter in five years:
RIM grew incredibly fast. It grew faster than the company knew how to manage, and RIM slowly — and then quickly — slipped as a result. This is the company that used to make users choose between a device with Quelle: BGR… [weiterlesen]

iPhone 4S remains best-selling U.S. smartphone in March, Samsung gains share

Apples wildly popular iPhone 4S retained its position atop the smartphone ranks in the United States last month according to new data analyst data. Checks performed by Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley and his team found that Apples latest iPhone was the best-selling smartphone at Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint in March, continuing a trend that began when the device first launched last October. “Our March Quelle: BGR… [weiterlesen]

Ahead Of Today’s Apple News, Samsung Files Yet Another Suit In Korea Over iPad 2, iPhone 4S

07.03.2012 12:17, TechCrunch
Just hours before Apple is due to unveil what many think will be a new version of its best-selling iPad tablet, Samsung has tried to steal a little thunder by filing a lawsuit against the Cupertino company over patent violations in the newest models that Apple has on the market as of this morning, the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. The suit was filed in Samsungs home market of Korea.

Given how Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Burning Questions We Still Have About The iPad 3 (AAPL)

28.02.2012 22:51, businessinsider

A week from today, well know everything there is to know about Apples next generation iPad. 
Unlike the build-up to the iPhone 4S launch, it seems like everyones expectations are pretty much in line with what Apple will announce. There might even be a surprise or two.
But were impatient. Theres $500 burning a hole in our pocket and we want to spend it on Apples shiny new iThing.
Before Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Apple Keeps Selling iPad in China As Trademark Dispute Escalates

18.02.2012 23:03, News
?s fight over the trademarks for the iPad name in China is far from over, with Proview saying yesterday it?s going to sue in the U.S. for $2 billion ??? up from the $10 million it originally wanted and a far cry from the $55,000 said it paid Proview for the trademarks in 2009. While … mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

UPDATE 4-Sprint loss widens on iPhone costs

08.02.2012 18:26, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Telecommunications
Feb 8 (Reuters) – Sprint Nextel posted a wider
quarterly loss because of the higher costs of selling Apple
Incs iPhone and the popular device delivered a
smaller-than-expected boost to subscriber numbers, sending the
companys shares down 2 percent. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

UPDATE 3-Sprint loss widens on iPhone costs

08.02.2012 16:53, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Telecommunications
Feb 8 (Reuters) – Sprint Nextel posted a wider
quarterly loss, reflecting the higher costs of selling Apple
Incs iPhone. Plus its subscriber growth fell short of
expectations, which sent the companys shares down 3.7 percent. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

UPDATE 2-Sprint loss widens on iPhone costs

08.02.2012 14:30, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Telecommunications
Feb 8 (Reuters) – Sprint Nextel posted a bigger
loss, reflecting the higher costs of selling Apple Incs
. But the loss was smaller than expected because its
signed up fewer subscribers than expected. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Here Come The iPad 2S/3 Cases!

19.01.2012 15:24, TechCrunch
Its that time again, friends. Apple rumors are swirling and case makers are trying to get a jump in their competitive field. So much so that a Chinese manufacturing company Chineestyle Co., Limited is actually selling cases for the next-gen iPad, which they are calling the iPad 2S. Yep, its that time again. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Apple to halt sales of latest iPhone in China retail stores

13.01.2012 05:46, Reuter-News – News >>Media
SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Apple Inc said on Friday it will stop selling its latest iPhone in its retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai to ensure the safety of its customers and employees. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Are Xbox Live Games Coming To iPhone And Android? A Double-Edged Sword For Microsoft

08.01.2012 16:00, News
?s Xbox Live would be a great selling point for its Windows Phone but releasing it for iPhone and Android would give them serious market share in the growing mobile gaming industry. Are games from Xbox Live, ?s online gaming platform, coming to a smartphone near you? A recent??job posting from the Renton, WA based … mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Can Google Beat The CES Curse?

06.01.2012 17:49, Home Page
By Dana Blankenhorn: There is a curse over the CES show, dont you know. The products that are big at CES havent been real consumer hits for years. Netbooks? Non-iPad tablets? 3D TV sets? Meh. This is a big danger signal for Google (GOOG), one reason (perhaps) that the stock has been selling off in recent sessions. (That and the fact it got way ahead of itself over the holidays.) Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]