22. März 2019

Apple iPad review: The only tablet that matters, now better than ever

It almost feels like weve been here before. Apple launched a new product with almost the exact same exterior look and feel as the previous model, and almost all of the upgrades are buried deep within the device. Why cant Apple make a brand new game-changing form factor every year?! Steve Jobs was the best (even though the people who say this now used to talk shit about him all the time on forums and in blog comments when he was Quelle: BGR… [weiterlesen]

Now is the worst time ever to buy an Android phone

Android phones have never been as impressive as they are today. They have never been as responsive, as slim or as powerful. Their displays have never been more vivid or more stunning. Their data speeds have never been as fast. Competition is now hotter than ever before in the smartphone market and consumers are reaping the benefits. At its core, each and every new smartphone that launches is an engineering feat that simply Quelle: BGR… [weiterlesen]

A Simple Way To Make Apple Events Exciting Again (AAPL)

11.03.2012 15:33, businessinsider

After Apples iPad event, there were predictable howls that the new iPad wasnt mind-blowing enough. 
This followed the iPhone 4S event where people felt disappointed.
If thats how you feel, we have a simple solution to cure that line of thinking. We dont actually want you to take this remedy, but its worth considering if you actually felt let down by Apple.
Okay. Ready? Here Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Google recasts Android Market with new name

06.03.2012 18:59, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Industrials
SAN FRANCISCO, March 6 (Reuters) – Google Inc
is renaming its online storefront for music, books and digital
goods, its latest move to raise its profile in the market for
electronic content sales and to better compete with Apple Inc
and Inc. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Wonder What Games Might Look Like On The New iPad? Check This Out

01.03.2012 22:04, TechCrunch
The new iPad, if rumors are to be believed, has an extremely high-resolution screen — better than most monitors and packed into a quarter of the display space. The result? iPhone 4-like Retina goodness. But its actually kind of hard to visualize this, since most pixel-dense displays are small, and were used to a certain level of aliasing on our bigger displays.

Game developer Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

UPDATE 3-New, faster Apple iPad expected next week

28.02.2012 22:11, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Telecommunications
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 28 (Reuters) – Apple Inc
is hosting a media event next Wednesday, where it is expected to
unveil a faster, better-equipped version of its popular iPad
tablet to thwart increasing competition from deep-pocketed
rivals such as Inc. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

UPDATE 2-New, faster Apple iPad expected next week

28.02.2012 20:07, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Telecommunications
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 28 (Reuters) – Apple Inc
is hosting a media event next Wednesday, where it is expected to
unveil a faster, better-equipped version of its popular iPad
tablet to thwart increasing competition from deep-pocketed
rivals such as Inc. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Mozilla has a plan to outduel iPhone and Android

28.02.2012 14:09, Financial news of the day –
In a smartphone world dominated by Google and Apple, Firefox browser maker Mozilla thinks it can offer something better. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]


16.02.12 | 16:06 Uhr | 1 mal gelesen

An interactive survey taken on an iPad could help pharmacists and patients better use their time together to identify and eliminate harmful drug side effects. Quelle: ad-hoc… [weiterlesen]

Leaked Photo Suggests A Better Camera Is Coming To The iPad 3 (AAPL)

13.02.2012 15:06, businessinsider

New leaked images suggest Apple is adding a better camera to the iPad 3.
As you can see in the image on the right from Asian site iLab Factory, the ring around the camera hole looks more like the ring around the camera hole on an iPhone 4. This suggests a better camera lens/sensor.
The back camera on the iPad 2 is pretty weak, so it makes sense Apple would upgrade it.
(Anecdotally, Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]


08.02.12 | 14:31 Uhr

Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY), the molecular diagnostics company that launched the first SVM-based image analysis iPhone app for melanoma risk assessment, MelApp, today debuts MelApp 2.0 for iPhone. This updated version introduces a new Quiz feature that better educates users on melanoma cases with sample histories and provides the ability to practice assessing the risk Quelle: ad-hoc… [weiterlesen]

Halliburton to abandon BlackBerry, turn to iPhone

08.02.2012 00:29, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Telecommunications
TORONTO, Feb 7 (Reuters) – Oil field services company
Halliburton plans to stop issuing BlackBerry smartphones
to employees and switch over to Apples iPhone, which
it said was better suited to its needs, marking another setback
for Research In Motion. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Showyou Rolls Out All-New iPad App With Improved Video Discovery, Better Social Tools

02.02.2012 18:00, TechCrunch
Social video browsing app Showyou just launched version 3.0 of its iPad application, a major update with a ton of new features. Competing in a hot space with competitors like Fanhattan,, Squrl, Vodio  and others, Showyou offers a grid-like view for browsing the videos your friends are sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Vimeo. Once connected, Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Browser-Speedtest: iPhone 4 vs. Nokia Lumia 800 vs. iPhone 4S

Es ist wieder einmal Zeit für einen direkten Geschwindigkeitsvergleich zwischen Smartphones, um bloße Einschätzungen und Vermutungen aus dem Weg zu räumen. Diesmal tritt das neue Flaggschiff-Smartphone von Nokia, Lumia 800 (November 2011), gegen iPhone 4 und iPhone 4S an. Disziplin: Browser-Geschwindigkeit. /> Getestet werden die Acid 3 und SunSpider Benchmark-Tests, aber auch die HTML5-Rendering Quelle: iPhone News.Org… [weiterlesen]

How An Iphone Can Make Your Eyesight Better

02.01.2012 22:53, News
Reading without glasses when you are over 40 years old: Can your smartphone help you? mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]