21. März 2019

UPDATE 1-Google proposes Android revenue for Oracle-filing

28.03.2012 18:10, Reuter-News – Sectors >>Technology
March 28 (Reuters) – Google is willing to pay Oracle a
percentage of Android revenue on two patents if Oracle succeeds
in proving patent infringement at an upcoming trial over the
Java programming language, according to a court filing. mehr » Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]

Dumb Buyer Beware: Chinese State Police Seize Hundreds Of Fake Apple iPhone… Gas Stoves

24.02.2012 14:54, TechCrunch
Today I learned a gas stove labeled as an iPhone cannot take Instagram pics, make phone calls and probably isnt a real iPhone. But some Chinese consumers might not be as educated. Good thing the Chinese state police is always ready to enforce trademark infringement and recently seized 681 so-called iPhone gas stoves.

These stoves, produced by Apple China Limited, would likely be Quelle: DAF… [weiterlesen]